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Why Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods?


    from natural essential oils that lasts up to 12 weeks


    in each pre-measured pod for effective cleaning


    made with Japanese technology which dissolves completely at any water temperature, leaving no residue

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Poddies & Co Laundry Pods

Poddies & Co Laundry Pods

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Poddies & Co Laundry Pods

Some insist that cleaning is a chore. Not us. At Poddies & Co., we make products that turn cleaning into rituals of joy. Our products provide a new way of cleaning that’s not only highly efficient, but also friendly to the environment.

Poddies & Co. cleaning products come in single-use pods that contain just the right combination and amount of cleaning agents to leave everything clean, fresh and germ-free. They’re convenient and easy to use, and being lightweight, they are easily transportable and require little storage space. 

Our cleaning pods are created based on an innovative Japanese technology that incorporates nano-silver ions into the properties of our products. Nano-ionic silver can actively counteract the spread of harmful bacteria, halt fungal growth, and prevent the transmission of some viruses.

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Are Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods suitable for use in a washing machine?

Yes. Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods are suitable for both front load and top load washing machines.

Why should you choose Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods over powder or liquid detergents?

Each Poddies & Co. Laundry Pod is pre-measured, which makes it easier and more convenient to use compared to regular detergent. Just toss 1 or 2 pods into your washing machine, depending on your laundry load, and start the wash cycle. Unlike regular powder or liquid detergents, our pods leave no residue and contain 3-in-1 detergent, fabric softener and stain remover, helping you save money and storage space while enjoying fresh & fragrant laundry.

What makes Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods unique?

Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods lets you experience the Joy of Cleaning with its innovative pod design. Formulated with Japanese technology, each pod is designed to completely dissolve in water temperatures below 50°C. 

Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods feature an ultra-concentrated formula with nano silver ions and plant-based surfactants to deliver 8X cleaning power while staying eco-friendly. The pods have been lab-tested to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites. Plus, they keep clothes fresh with a natural fragrance for up to 12 weeks, thanks to its slow-release fragrance encapsulation technology. 

But most importantly, all Poddies & Co. cleaning pods are free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, aluminium phosphate, formaldehyde, bleaching agents, and mineral oils; making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Should Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods be added into the washing machine before of after clothes?

We recommend to place Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods in the drum of your washing machine before filling it with clothes.

What are the fragrances of the Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods?

Poddies & Co. pods feature a unique combination of fragrance notes that are proprietary to Neumoré, and are naturally sourced from plants, vegetation and fruits.

What do I need to know when using Poddies & Co. Laundry Pods?

Make sure your hands are completely dry when picking up the pods or the outer film may begin to dissolve. Store in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from moisture. Do not store laundry pods, dishwashing pods and multi-surface cleaning pods in the same container. Poddies & Co. cleaning pods are not interchangeable with one another. They are designed to clean a specific type of surface or material. The pods are cute, colourful and may look like candy and should be kept out of reach of children, vulnerable adults and pets.

Important Safety Information

If punctured accidentally, the liquid of Poddies & Co. pods might come into contact with eyes or mouth. In the event of it happening, you should: 

IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so. Continue rinsing. Seek medical advice. 

IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting. Drink a small amount of water to dilute. Seek medical advice. 

If medical advice is needed, please have the product container or label at hand.

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