Is this what you go through?


    You can’t see air pollutants but you’re breathing them each day. Pollutants like VOC and formaldehyde can lead to health concerns.


    If a portable air purifier only draws air from one direction, it leaves the rest of the area exposed to air pollutants, defeating its purpose.


    Having to always connect to a power outlet just to enjoy clean and fresh air is a hassle. Worst of all, there might not be an outlet handy.

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Switch to Fanár today!

Why choose Fanár?


    Enjoy clean and fresh air wherever you are simply by tapping on Fanár’s LED display.


    Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, a full charge will allow you to enjoy clean and fresh air for a good amount of the day.

  • 360° AIR SUCTION

    With all-round air suction, Fanár ensures the air within your space is effectively filtered from all angles.

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We’re with you every step of the way so you can enjoy fresh air on-the-go. With our 360° air suction effectively filtering from every angle and our 5-step air filtration system to keep the air clean, you’ll want to bring it along for the ride every day.
Take fresh air everywhere you go with Fanar portable air purifiers!

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1. What does Fanár do?

Fanár is a portable air purifier that removes contaminants such as dust, bacteria, mold spores, VOCs, odour, and formaldehyde.

2. How does Fanár work?

Fanár works by drawing in air through an inlet located at the bottom cover of the device. It effectively traps airborne particles, bacteria, and viruses.

Equipped with UVC 222nm Safe Sterilisation, it eliminates harmful microorganisms from the air while remaining safe for human contact.

It then releases Plasma Ions to neutralise VOCs, odours, and contaminants by releasing over 10 million positive and negative ions, to thoroughly purify the air.

3. What kind of air pollutants does Fanár remove?

Fanár can effectively remove various pollutants such as dust, bacteria, mold spores, VOCs, odour, and formaldehyde.

4. Does Fanár help with allergies?

Yes, Fanár can help reduce allergy symptoms by capturing allergens like dust, formaldehyde, and VOCs from the air. Its Medical-Grade HEPA-13 Filter is particularly effective at trapping these allergens.

5. Does Fanár remove odours?

Yes, Fanár with activated carbon filters is effective at reducing odours. The activated carbon absorbs and traps odorous molecules.

6. How often do I need to maintain Fanár?

Air Filtration Module: It is recommended to change it once every 6 months. This part can be self-installed.

7. What is Fanár’s device specification?

Input voltage: 5V, 2.1A
Power: <10.5 W
UVC wavelength: 222 nm
Noise level: <35 dB
Device weight: Approx. 400g
Device dimensions: 72 (W) x 203 (H) mm